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“Return to the Roots”

“Return to the Roots”, this could be the title for this small series of works shot more than 10 years ago. Then these works did not form a single row. But now, basing on the experience and understanding of the photographic image that have been formed over the years, I can bring these works together, and, first of all, in my mind. It was not by chance that I returned to them and symbolically called this sequence “Return to the Roots”. While working on new projects, at some point I realized that I began to lose simplicity. That simplicity that defines a good work. Excessive accumulation of details, slipping into verbal language, in a word, a cheerful picture, devoid of internal tension, dramatic images. However, I kept several works from this series in my head, and I always thought back to them. Thus, all the vectors met in space and time, everything lined up in my head. The last difficult and important task is to print these works. The key point of the project is the plastic solution that strongly goes against modern trends: nailed contrast, veil and virtually no black, but this is the key to understanding, viscous, slow, dragging, time-stopping image movement. Rest for an inflamed and overheated mind, craving rest.