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I have been engaged in photography for more than 15 years, an important stage in the formation of me as an artist was studying at the University of Culture and Arts of Moscow and meeting with my teacher and mentor at that time Yuri Babich. It was during my training that I realized what kind of photography I wanted to do. Further development, participation in exhibitions, working on projects allowed me to form a more holistic view of myself and my photography. Photography was and will remain a subjective statement of the artist, expressed in an aesthetic form, possessing the courage of judgment, a challenge. Over the years, I have been lucky to be a participant in interesting group exhibitions, projects, festivals, as well as several personal projects. One of my important achievements I consider the publication of my portfolio in Ejmap, which gave me the opportunity to show my work to curators and connoisseurs of photography in Europe, and also helped me overcome the difficulties of communication caused by a number of circumstances, such as the political situation in my country, cultural differences, pandemic.

This year I was able to participate in a major Russian photographic project “FotoTop”, where I acted not only as a photographer, but also as a curator and organizer of a large photo exhibition together with the Gallery of Classical Photography. We managed to collect 86 authors and more than 250 works.