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The theory of myth

Myth is the system of images. Once appeared on someone’s will, it finds its own life in the minds of people. Human consciousness carries him through time and space. Myth as a living organism is able to develop, grow and even propagate. It enriches the world, making it more versatile, filling it. Every person involved in the creation of myths, it’s an essential part of his life. From birth, we are creating a myth of ourselves, take part in the creation of other people’s myths, nurture and develop them. We all are the mythological heroes! Some myths die, others live for centuries … Deprive this world of the mythology, and he immediately fade, become simpler … lose color. Myths push people to act. By means of mythology, people find a sense of existence, faith; become the greatest heroes or villains.
My series is a myth-making, a reflection images of a long-dead maybe never have existed myths. The matter of myth has a large dynamic system of images, symbols, as an excellent material for the artist. It’s a kind of way out in space with no hard bindings to time and place.

Print size 50×65 cm