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Mass media, which had been created primary to make communications easier between people, had turned to a dominant due course, influencing consciousness of people and imposing model of dialogue, behavior, comprehension and offering ready models of life. Ideological field: Many people had lost possibility to create a communications on their own because of media’s flow influence. Inability to create a personal model of life (dialogue, behavior, feelings, reactions etc.), had led to the fact that people fill their vacuum by templates, which worked-out in mass media. All this leads to loss of one’s own identity. Heroes are usual people, which build their communications with world and personal system of values by means of media’s ready templates. They blindly copy this templates, because completely trust it. In the series of photo I substitute Identity of the hero for 100% mass media’s templates. It becomes a comics, where everyday life of the heroes is carried to the point of absurdity, but they infinitely believe all is going on and live with absolute confidence that it’s a present. In process of blind copying by the heroes of the templates, image, created for virtual medium of mass media, all of it falls in and turn into absurd. It occurs impossibility to substitute existence and life of human by ready decisions, created in virtual medium. An attempt to substitute identity of hero for ready decisions leads to conflict. The hero have become a bad calque of very shabby original. It leads to absurd and losses in reconstruction of image.

Gelatin silver prints
Print size 30×40 cm