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Polechka's life and death through the prism of dementia

This is a story, not even a story, but an attempt to visualize the worldview of a person with Dementia. Polina Nikolaevna, like people of the generation who survived the war, has a difficult fate, with its joyful and dramatic moments.  The most terrible thing is to be a prisoner of your own mind, a prisoner of memory and recurring moments from the past. Those rare gaps that come for a short time only make it more painful and intensify the experiences. The loss of connection with reality does not make a person freer, calmer; he does not lose emotional experiences. He becomes a hostage of the past, not of the whole past, but of some moments that are cyclically replayed in his mind, each time forcing him to emotionally experience some situation of his life again and again, and these moments are not always pleasant. Accumulated resentments and disappointments become daily bread. A person, in fact, goes through all the circles of hell during his lifetime.