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Melancholia is the state of soul caused by having an opportunity to choose your own way. The choice appears or is given from above for experience and self-cultivation, for coming up to a new stage in intellectual and mental development. The choice can be treated as great blessing, but at the same time, as great responsibility and a burden. Just this duality generates melancholy. A man always seeks to get choice. Having choice gives imaginary understanding and feeling that he, the man, is the architect of his destiny. He gets the opportunity to choose, but here’s the paradox, what was seen as great blessing, was dreamed of, was achieved with a lot of strength, becomes a great burden. And now, the benefit becomes a torture as having a variety of options you can choose only one. And having made the choice, you should be ready to shoulder a heavy burden – a responsibility that you will have to carry on. The more we make choice, the harder our burden becomes. And the heavier the load, the harder the choice is. The state of melancholy gives us time and opportunity to evaluate the load we’ve already accumulated and make a new decision. But it’s impossible to remain in this state for a long time even if it’s comfortable and happy in it. No matter how hard and difficult the choice is the decision has to be taken. We live in constant movement in integrated field of space and time. We’re moving so fast that we can notice only the way under our feet, and if we try to see something in the distance, we run the risk of tripping and falling. Melancholy is an opportunity to slow down our movement, to descry what is ahead and to size up the abilities, prospects and to adjust the heading. The main thing is not to miss the opportunity and to make choice and to follow your way, otherwise the space-time stream will throw you where it wants.

Thermal inkjet printing
Print size 30×90 cm