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Hotel "Grand Budapest"

The hotel is a place of human passions. It’s a territory where the restrictions on secret desires and passion are thrown away. It’s a place devoid of memory, which means shame too. This place is devoid of witnesses and censure. It’s a place of intimacy.

I think the main push to create this series (initially completely unconscious) was a sense of shame. This series is overcoming of this feeling, a frank conversation with myself without hesitation and without embellishment. We can’t call the modern society puritanical, but it can’t look at the relationship, where there is intimacy, openness, uncovered “nudity” without censure, embarrassment and shame. Openness and the nakedness of the relationship are hard-raped by the society; dirty humor, vulgarity is taboo. It seems to be protected from something in that way; maybe it just does not want to recognize the right to internal human freedom, his frankness and openness?..

Gelatin silver prints
Print size 40×50 cm