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The Requiem

There was a monstrous cataclysm in 1990s in our country – the USSR crushed. The most terrible thing was not change of power or economic course, but a destruction of the ideological value, which had been filling with meaning life of several generations for many years. These values organized a society and were the guidelines for aspirations and progress of each person in the USSR. Their sharp destruction without new ideology in exchange has led to a break-up in self-consciousness of people. It is a series about the people who remained in their time. They communicate with this time, materializing it in their own consciousness. They are incapable to escape from the past and don’t want to. Perception of the reality passes through a prism created by consciousness on the basis of the past ideological values. Such perception lead to monstrous distortions, therefore, the reality excites a horror and an escape from it towards the past. The main character of the series is my grandmother. The most part of her conscious life she had lived in the USSR. She had taken the ruins of 90s very hard, but the time went on and it seemed that she had reconciled. However, reconciliation was only external, not inside. The older she grew the more difficult it was to hide the internal contradictions that were born because of the rejection of reality and herself in it. The second character is the bust of Lenin. Lenin embodies ideological field of the past values. The third character is the reality itself.
The whole series is built on the collisions of the characters and on their interrelations, as well as on interpretation of the reality of characters, where one of them falls out of it from time to time. There is a struggle going on for what the reality is indeed and who really exists in it.

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