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Rehearsal of the apocalypse

The current situation in which the world finds itself has come as a complete surprise to the majority of the world’s population. And although Hollywood has produced enough horror stories with the most incredible and creepy scenarios, humanity was not ready for the new reality dictated by the virus. I have got a question if we can be ready at all? In all post-apocalyptic pictures people cheerfully overcome the hardships of the situation in which they found themselves, continue to fight for life, despite the fact that ordinary life we are accustomed, will never return. Can a modern person, grown up in the era of consumption when the whole world is oriented to meet his needs, defend his existence in the face of disaster? In Hollywood pictures, there is always a loophole left by the writer or Director, allowing you to hope for the happy end. The reality is more severe. What if humanity faces a threat that will change the normal course of our existence? Will we be able to adapt in such a situation and preserve the values we have already won? Or shall we become disappointed, apathetic and dead?

technical information
print editions: 5

print size: 60x80 cm

printing technique: pigment digital printing