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Fårö. The territory of Bergman

The place chosen for human life, can tell a lot about the man. Civilization spawned vehicles greatly accelerated and simplified the journey. But even it is not omnipotent, there are still places where you can be alone, to hide from it. Three hours by ferry from mainland Sweden takes you to the island of Gotland (you can use a plane, but it’s not romantic), from where by bus or by a rented or your own car you, having overcome a good half of Gotland, will access to the ferry terminal to Faro island. The island became popular thanks to Bergman, who directed two documentary films about the island and a variety of art works. In the days of Bergman the island was a real suburb and a God-forgotten place, where you can find peace and the ability to hide from the world.To the already above-mentioned advantages it is necessary to add the richness and diversity of the landscape, the presence of the sea, its unique light. But the great thing is a refuge for a lonely man, alone inside, running from the demons living in the man. The Demons are our fears, doubts, with which we must fight day and night. Making movies for Bergman is a way to heal, to overcome his nightmares, to understand himself, to answer his own questions. His films are very personal, though being works of art; they are a document, a chronicle of experiences, passions, victories and defeats of Ingmar Bergman. For a deeper understanding of his work, understanding him as a person and an artist, you need to review his movies, to read his autobiography and to visit Faro. All this will not only allow us to understand Bergman, but also to find internal similarity, to expose our own demons and redirect destructive energy into creative direction.

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