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The Last day

Modern social networks are filled with selfies of millions of people. A smartphone with a front-facing camera, in fact, became the trigger for a new stage of myth-making. Technologies which were expensive in the past and accessible to units, allowing transforming a person into a myth, into an image of a deity, have become available to everyone. Now we are not creating a collective myth, but a purely individual one, today everyone strives to build a reality in which he would be the central deity. Everyone strives to create a beautiful facade. Humanity consciously seeks to lose touch with reality. Having built up his mythological concept, a person begins to believe in the resulting image. We broadcast our mythological projections, interact through them with the same projections and begin to believe that this is reality. In my series, I go from the opposite, I want to disassemble the facade and see what is hidden behind it, to see what is real there. The real may be unpleasant, frightening, but this is my real essence. I need to know the truth about myself. The truth about oneself is something that a modern person does not want to know.

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