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One of the series I’m working on is a project “the Box”. The project is shot on film, on an average format of 6×6, which allows you to control the plastic of the image, and the square frame makes the scene very chamber. In fact, this series is a theatrical production.

The Box is a Laboratory for research and Birth control of ideas and images: how an idea is born, how an idea acquires visual features and becomes an image. What is an image – an idea relay?! Does the image convey one specific idea, approved by the author, or does it all depend on the viewer and his consciousness as a system key for interpreting the image and forming the utterance and reading the image? Then the viewer is a part of the image system, an important and necessary element for the whole structure to work.

Who am I in this series? – I’m a director! I collide objects and observe, this is akin to the work of physicists who collide elementary particles and fix the result of their collision, so I fix the collision of objects, sometimes as a result of the collision a stable system of images is born, sometimes – nothing…

This series is a complex interpretation of the work of the conscious and subconscious mind through visual images, an experiment within the framework of photography.